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SankalpTaru Foundation has conceptualized an interesting gardening method called Compact square foot gardening. The idea behind square foot gardening is that you can plant fruits, vegetables and herbs in compact raised beds or pots using highly nutritive grow mix media. We personally opted for 24sq. ft. configuration because it is both prolong and economical for mid-size nuclear families.
Components of the Roof Top
  • Pallet: It acts as a robust platform with high strength and durability. It also discourages the grass and weeds from coming up through the soil. It prevents seepage of water which might affect ceilings.
  • Grow Bag: The food grade quality HDPE - Grow bag is the most important component of the planter module. It simply clings on to the pallet and holds the grow mix media It ensures a layer of water underneath the grow mix media which acts as a small reservoir and promote self-watering mechanism; in case the kitchen garden setup is not watered for couple of days.
  • Grow Mix Media: Grow Mix Media: It is a highly nutritive and fertile medium in which plants, herbs and vegetables are being grown. It is fluffy, holds moisture, and gives plant roots the perfect balance of air, moisture, nutrition, and anchor. It is being extended on to the grow bag in a quantifiable manner.
  • Shade Net: It is the canopy of the Roof Top. It is made up of net specialized in UVtreatment. It provides partially controlled atmosphere and environment by reducing light intensity and effective heat during day time to plants grown under it. Each plant has its individual requirements for sunlight and shade under which it flourishes at its best. To create optimum climatic conditions, selection of the shade net plays an important role to enhance plant's productivity to its optimum.

Components of the Roof Top
  1. Align the pair of pallet horizontally.
  2. Fit the clips on to each side of the pallet. The holes have already been made. There are four clips, 2 on each sides of a single pallet. Same for the other pallet also.
  3. Insert the rods of size 4 ft on each side of pallet where we have clamped the clips. After all four rods have been inserted, and then insert the rods to support the shade net.
  4. Keep the grow bag over the pallet and attach it firmly or tightly to the 4 rods with the help of strings or ropes.
  5. Put the shade net over the structure to form a canopy.
  6. Fill in the Grow Mix proportionately in the Grow Bag.
  7. “Get prepared to plant.”
SankalpTaru provide a broad range of solutions: growth promoters and Organic pest controllers.
Growth Promoters: To improve the overall health, growth and development of plants, growth promoters are being used. Our entire range is widely used in gardens and farms to supply nutrients to plants. It is also being used to activate physiological mechanisms of plants.
Organic Pest Controllers: Organic pest controllers are made up of biological entities. They create no chemical run-off in waterways or soil pollution. The people using organic pest controls don't have to worry about the health effects of handling lady beetles, lace wings and other biological control agents, as opposed to the health risks of working with pesticides. Organic farmers can use these controllers without fear of losing their organic certification
Our Organic Solutions offers professional gardening and pest control services:
  • Promotes the growth of a plant
  • Gives your specie a lush green effect
  • Expert specie Spraying
  • Garden Fertilization & Weed Control
  • Pest Control
S.No. SankalpTaru Solutions Function Frequency Where to spray
1.ST Growth BoosterIt is a stimulator. It also provides immunity against pests and diseases.Once in 15 Days-Spray it on plant leaves(above surface)
-After every harvest spray it on the organic manure.
2.ST Neem Pest ControllerIt ceases the impact of pathogens and gives plant its proper growth.Spray whenever pest is seen-Spray on leaves(above and below surface)
-Spray on the roots
3.ST Neem Soap SolutionIt keeps away small insects and bacteriaOnce in 7-15 days. Avoid during harvesting-Spray on the plant body
4.ST Veggie PlusIt enhances plant growth and gives an additional nutrient value.Once in 15 days-Spray on the plant body (especially the leaves)
SankalpTaru Grow Mix is well aerated and well drained. It is competent enough to retain enough moisture for plant growth. It is a highly nutritive and fertile medium in which plants, herbs and vegetables are being grown. Adding Grow Mix to a vegetable garden, a fruit orchard, or to an existing lawn is equally important for success.
Aim of SankalpTaru Grow Mix
It is a simple, cheap way to:
  • Enhance the growth of your veggies
  • Improve the fertility of your garden soil
  • Enhance its drought resistance
  • Suppress the germination and growth of weeds

How to use SankalpTaru Grow Mix
  1. It should be moistened slightly before planting. Add water and lightly fluff the media to dampen it.

  2. Extend your ST Grow Mix on to the Grow bag in a proportionate manner. This will be your cultivation medium.

  3. Loosen your Grow Mix before you plant a garden with vegetables. You can dig by hand.Roots need to travel through the soil to access available nutrients which are essential to plant growth. If the soil is dense and compacted, much of the plant’s available energy is directed to the struggling roots. By lightening the soil, you will facilitate root growth and, as a result, vegetative growth.

Start Planting!