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Solutions Kit

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Pack of four solutions.

“An Organic product made of 100% natural extracts and prepared with Gangajal”
  1. SankalpTaru Growth Booster
    • The growth booster organic solution is a liquid organic fertilizer that acts as a stimulator and helps in providing a lush plant growth
    • It promotes growth and enriches the soil and also provides immunity to plants against pests and diseases
    • Suitable for all kinds of plants and trees
  2. SankalpTaru Neem Pest Controller
    • It is effective as an insecticide, a fungicide and as a bactericide
    • The organic solution attacks only the pests harboring on the plants and not the plants themselves
  3. SankalpTaru Seaweed Solution
    • An organic herbicide that is environmentally friendly, fast acting and can be used in your kitchen garden very successfully
    • It is the safest and most cost- effective way to battle with weeds
  4. SankalpTaru Neem Soap Solution
    • The solution acts as an organic mop and keeps away small insects and bacteria
    • It gives a lush green outlook to plants and herbs