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Rajasthan Organic Cumins - 500 gms

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Quantity: 500 grams

SankalpTaru has identified poor farmers who lacked irrigation system and thus never cultivated their land which remained barren for many years in Thar Desert, Rajasthan. SankalpTaru provided these farmers with good quality seeds, expert advice and irrigation facility to grow Jeera for the very first time. Their hard work has finally resulted into a bumper harvest.

Here are various ways Jeera adds to the healthy quotient of your daily meal:

  1. Improves digestion
  2. Beats constipation
  3. Fights Cancer
  4. Enhances memory
  5. Helps to deal with insomnia
  6. Helps prevent anemia
  7. Relieves asthma and cold
  8. Regulates blood pressure and heart rate