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Pest Controller Solutions Kit

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Pack of four solutions.

“An Organic product made of 100% natural extracts and prepared with Gangajal”
  1. SankalpTaru Agnastra Pest Controller
    • The Agnastra organic solution is a liquid organic pest controller used against stem and fruit borers, leaf eating caterpillar, pod borer and sucking pests. This decoction is affective against Helicoverpa, Spodoptera, other borers and caterpillars.
  2. SankalpTaru Neem Pest Controller
    • It is effective as an insecticide, a fungicide and as a bactericide
    • The organic solution attacks only the pests harboring on the plants and not the plants themselves
  3. SankalpTaru Brahmastra Pest Controller
    • The Bramhastram organic solution is a liquid organic pest controller used to control aphid, white fly and other sucking pests, worms and caterpillars. It promotes the metabolism of plant as well as enriches the soil.
  4. SankalpTaru Neem Soap Solution
    • The solution acts as an organic mop and keeps away small insects and bacteria
    • It gives a lush green outlook to plants and herbs