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Ladakh Organic Apricots - 500 gms

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Quantity: 500 grams

Every year thousands of tonne of apricot gets wasted in Leh Ladakh due to lack of market access. SankalpTaru is supporting these struggling farmers by connecting them with the buyers. Ladakh Apricots are completely organic and known for it’s nutritious values.

Apricots are highly rich in nutritional content. They are closely related to peach and plum.

  1. They are good for eyes because of vitamin A content in them.
  2. Rich source of antioxidants which strengthens the immune system.
  3. High fiber content.
  4. Healthy for heart.
  5. Cancer- rich content of antioxidants controls and fights the growth of cancerous cells.
  6. Skin benefits- young and healthy skin.
  7. Helps in loss of weight. It is low on calories and high on minerals.
  8. Strengthens bones- presence of calcium content.