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Grow Mix Media - 70kg

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You would wonder why choose Grow Mix Media? Well, as a matter of fact, SankalpTaru operates throughout the nation, from Uttarakhand in the North to Tamil Nadu in the South, from Thar in the West to Odisha in the East, this favourizes the purchase of Grow Mix Media because highly nutritive and fertile ingredients from all these places are assembled and prepared in Uttarakhand – popular for its rich organic value.
The media containing vermicompost, cocopeat, neem cake, babool and neem leaves is fluffy, holds moisture and gives plant roots the perfect balance of air, moisture, nutrition and anchor. It is made available for all those who crave a natural form of healthy living.

Ingredients: Vermicompost, Cocopeat, Neem cake, Babool and Neem leaves and Gangajal