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8 Sqft Jumbo Garden - Premium

Price:5,499.00 INR

" An easy way to plant vegetables, herbs and flowers in a compact form on rooftops and terrace "

Product Details:

  1. The setup is available in a 8 sq. ft. configuration and is ideal for small to midsize families.
  2. Perforated plastic tiles act as a robust platform of the setup with high strength and durability. It also prevents seepage of water which might affect ceilings
  3. The food grade quality HDPE – Jumbo Grow Bag forms the kitchen garden. It also ensures a layer of water underneath the grow mix media which acts as a small reservoir and promote self-watering mechanism; in case the kitchen garden setup is not watered for couple of days.


  1. 1 Jumbo grow bag
  2. Plastic foundation tiles
  3. 60 Kg Sankalptaru Growmix Media
  4. SankalpTaru Solutions Pack
  5. Tool Kit

Offer (free)

  1. Pack of Three seeds (1 Exotic & 2 Leafy seeds)